Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Solutions in Real-time

Control and monitor your routes for each vehicle in your fleet in real time. Increase fuel efficiency and keep track of maintenance records for your entire fleet in an automated fashion.


Latest GPS technology with integrated Platform

Our platform is fully compatible with Iphones, Tablets, Android Smartphones, or it can be accessed via any Web browser. Alerts are directly sent via text or e-mail to your mobile device.


Monitor your vehicles simultaneously wherever they're located



Intelligent Platform


Generate detailed reports showing minute by minute day, week, or month. Select any historic date range, and create reports showing exact locations, number of stops, speed, alerts triggered, etc. per individual vehicle or per fleet.


Live map showing all units in transit allowing for route optimization, avoiding bottlenecks,
and improving delivery times.


Assigning territory cannot be any simpler. Utilize the geofences to assign a geographic
area to each vehicle, and set up alerts to notify arrivals and departures for each assigned area sent directly to your mobile phone or desktop.